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  1. Laser Printable Overlaminates

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    Strata-Tac’s laser printable overlaminates are used to create integrated cards or labels on press. The clear polyester film provides both tear and water resistance.  A laser printable topcoat is added to allow for variable data printing.  Matte, gloss, and semi-gloss versions are available.  This product line features a 42# CCK release liner. Thicker and thinner films are available upon request.

    All of these products can be coupled with Strata-Tac’s back laminates to create dry peel integrated cards.

    OLSC025 – 1 mil Gloss

    OLSC050 – 2 mil Gloss

    OLDL025 – 1 mil Semi-Gloss

    OLDL050 – 2 mil Semi-Gloss

    OLMT025 – 1 mil Matte

    OLMT050 – 2 mil Matte

    For more information on our overlaminates, email [email protected] or call us at 630-879-9388.

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