Release Liners

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The need for high-quality paper and film liners has become increasingly important in today’s fast-paced industrial landscape. These versatile materials are crucial in various fields, such as packaging, printing, automotive, and electronics. With a diverse range catering to different needs, businesses can ensure that their products are protected, functional, and visually appealing. This blog explores […]

Filmic Facestocks

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Filmic facestocks, also known as film label stock, are synthetic labels that offer several advantages over traditional paper labels. For instance, they are highly versatile and can be used for multiple applications, such as product identification, branding, and promotional labeling. Due to their superior print quality and durability, these materials are widely used in various […]

Top Coating

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Top coating involves applying a thin layer of coating onto a material to enhance its printability. More specifically, it allows non-printable materials to receive inks, dyes, or pigments effectively. By modifying the material’s surface properties, top coats ensure that the printing substances adhere properly and create high-quality prints. This article will delve deeper into the […]

Duraco Specialty Materials Acquires Strata-Tac Inc.

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Duraco Specialty Materials Acquires Strata-Tac Inc. Fifth Add-On Builds Duraco’s North America Specialty Materials Market Positioning FOREST PARK, IL – May 22, 2023 – Duraco Specialty Materials (“Duraco” or “Company”), a leading manufacturer of specialty materials including pressure sensitive tapes and labels, coated films, and release liners, announced today that it has acquired Strata-Tac, Inc. (“Strata-Tac”), a […]

Customization/Solutions Driven

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In today’s competitive market, standing out from the crowd is crucial for businesses to succeed. For instance, generic labels that lack customization can often be overlooked and fail to convey the true value of a product. Thus, customization is a strategic approach to tailoring pressure sensitive products to meet customers’ needs. This article will explore […]

LIG050 – Aqueous Inkjet Printable Labelstock

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Strata-Tac is pleased to introduce our newest aqueous inkjet printable labelstock – LIG050 Features: Clear 0.9 mil PET film with inkjet compatible coating.  Total caliper is approximately 2.0 mils Facestock is an industry-leading 90% post-consumer recycled material Lighter than traditional PET inkjet facestocks, reducing carbon emissions during transport, transportation costs, and makes for easier handling […]

LIJ088 – Inkjet Printable Label Stock

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LIJ088 is an inkjet printable paper labelstock.  The facestock is a 3.5 mil silk paper.  The topcoat makes it ideal for high color aqueous inkjet printing, such as Memjet®.  It is also printable via laser, flexo, offset, and thermal transfer.  The adhesive is a permanent with good shear. The #601 adhesive is a permanent with […]

Piggyback - Silicone

What is a Piggyback Label?

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Piggyback labels are widely used for a variety of applications.  Below, we will go in depth on their construction, applications, and a few examples of the types of piggyback labels available. Construction Piggyback labels are effectively two labels combined into a single construction.  As illustrated in the figure below, a piggyback label consists of a […]

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Laser Printable Overlaminates

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Strata-Tac’s laser printable overlaminates are used to create integrated cards or labels on press. The clear polyester film provides both tear and water resistance.  A laser printable topcoat is added to allow for variable data printing.  Matte, gloss, and semi-gloss versions are available.  This product line features a 42# CCK release liner. Thicker and thinner films are available upon request. All of these […]

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Strata-Tac Layflat Vinyls

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Vinyl labels are popular for their excellent durability, water resistance, and conformability.  They excel in a wide range of applications, such as: Shelf markers Floor graphics Drum labels Apparel labels Bumper Stickers …And more! Strata-Tac produces clear and white vinyl label stock with in permanent, removable, and ultra-removable adhesives.  We use plasticizer-resistant adhesives designed for […]