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Duraco Specialty Materials Acquires Strata-Tac Inc.

Duraco Specialty Materials Acquires Strata-Tac Inc.

Fifth Add-On Builds Duraco’s North America Specialty Materials Market Positioning

FOREST PARK, IL – May 22, 2023 – Duraco Specialty Materials (“Duraco” or “Company”), a leading manufacturer of specialty materials including pressure sensitive tapes and labels, coated films, and release liners, announced today that it has acquired Strata-Tac, Inc. (“Strata-Tac”), a leading manufacturer of custom engineered pressure sensitive self-adhesive products and top coated films, from private sellers. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

StrataTac, headquartered in St. Charles, Illinois, offers a wide range of customized pressure sensitive solutions, to label convertors and manufacturers. Since its founding in 1995, Strata-Tac has consistently grown its coating capabilities and portfolio in tapes, labels, liners and facestocks to service the critical performance needs of its customers across applications in medical/pharmaceutical labeling, brand protection, and durable labeling.

The add-on acquisition of Strata-Tac continues Duraco Specialty Material’s commitment to deliver technically advanced, customized solutions across growing end markets. The addition of Strata-Tac’s expertise in water-based chemistries complements Duraco’s growing portfolio of sustainable solutions, giving customers immediate access to a broader range of pressure sensitive adhesives for labels and tapes, facestocks, and specialty coated materials.

OpenGate Capital acquired Duraco in June 2019 through a corporate carveout from Essentra PLC and has since completed five add-on acquisitions with Infinity Tapes in February 2020, Filmquest Group in March 2021, 3 Sigma in November 2021, Rayven in December 2021, and now Strata-Tac. With a demonstrated mission of rapidly delivering customized, integrated, turn-key solutions, Duraco supports over 10,000 customers with customized tapes, labels, converted parts, functional coatings, and release liners in high-value end markets including Flexible Packaging, Healthcare, OEM, and e-Commerce.

Ed Byczynski, Chief Executive Officer of Duraco, stated “The addition of Strata-Tac further adds to Duraco’s strong capabilities as a leading manufacturer of custom specialty labels and coated films in North America.”

“Strata-Tac is the latest testament to our focus on add-on investments as an accelerator of growth,” said Andrew Nikou, OpenGate Capital’s Founder and CEO. “The combination of Strata-Tac’s operational capabilities, along with Duraco’s strong operating expertise and its seasoned management team will drive continued commercial growth into new markets.”

“We are thrilled to partner with the strong management and operational teams at Duraco and OpenGate, who share our culture and entrepreneurial values, as well as our drive to create and deliver innovative products for our customers,” said Strata-Tac’s General Manager & Vice President, Andy Schwarzbauer, who remains in his role.

About Duraco Specialty Materials

Duraco Specialty Materials is a North American leader in the customized design, production, and conversion of specialty tapes and labels, converted parts, release liners, films and functional coatings in high-end applications. Duraco’s products serve attractive end markets including Flexible Packaging, Healthcare, OEM, and e-Commerce. Duraco is headquartered in Forest Park, IL and has a workforce of 400 employees.

About Strata-Tac

Strata Tac has nearly 30 years of experience manufacturing custom self-adhesive products and top-coated films. Since opening, we have delivered a wide range of products combining a variety of face stocks, top coatings, adhesives, and liners to the forms and label converting markets. Today, Strata-Tac has the ability to produce both top coated and adhesive coated films, bringing a greater level of service and economy to its customers. Strata-Tac supports customers throughout North America and worldwide.

About OpenGate Capital

OpenGate Capital is a global private equity firm specializing in the acquisition and operation of businesses to create new value through operational improvements, innovation, and growth. Established in 2005, OpenGate Capital is headquartered in Los Angeles, California with a European office in Paris, France. OpenGate’s professionals possess the critical skills needed to acquire, transition, operate, build, and scale successful businesses. To date, OpenGate Capital has executed more than 41 platform acquisitions across North America and Europe. To learn more about OpenGate, please visit

OpenGate Media Contacts:
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Duraco Specialty Materials Media Contact:
Alan Addington, Duraco Director of Marketing
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Customization/Solutions Driven

Click to ExpandCustomization/Solutions Driven

In today’s competitive market, standing out from the crowd is crucial for businesses to succeed. For instance, generic labels that lack customization can often be overlooked and fail to convey the true value of a product. Thus, customization is a strategic approach to tailoring pressure sensitive products to meet customers’ needs.

This article will explore the advantages of customization for pressure sensitive products and the industries benefiting from it.

Benefits of Custom Pressure Sensitive Label Stock

Customization in pressure sensitive labels offers a multitude of advantages for businesses. These include the following:

Enhances Shelf Presence

Custom pressure sensitive materials can help you create product labels that stand out on retail shelves, attracting consumer attention and increasing the likelihood of purchase. This is possible through unique designs, finishes, and materials.

Adapts to Unique Packaging Requirements

Different products may have varying packaging requirements, such as odd shapes, sizes, or materials. Custom pressure sensitive label stock can be tailored to fit these unique packaging requirements, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless application.

Meets Regulatory Compliance

Some industries, such as food and pharmaceuticals, have strict regulations on labeling requirements. Custom labels can be customized to comply with these regulations, including providing specific information, warnings, or certifications required by law. This helps businesses ensure their products comply with industry standards, avoiding potential legal issues or penalties.

Enhances Product Information

Custom pressure sensitive materials can be used to design extended content labels that include comprehensive product information, such as ingredients and usage instructions. This helps consumers make informed purchasing decisions and builds trust in the brand.

Supports Product Variability

Businesses that offer a range of product variations — such as different sizes, colors, or flavors — can benefit from custom pressure sensitive label stock. These can be easily modified to accommodate product differences, ensuring consistent branding across product lines.

Promotes Sustainability

Customized labels can be created using sustainable materials . By using eco-friendly materials, recyclable options, or incorporating sustainability messages on labels, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility. In addition, custom labels can be a powerful marketing tool to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers and promote sustainable business practices.

Industries Leveraging Custom Pressure Sensitive Label Stock

Thanks to its versatility and flexibility, custom labels have extensive applications across diverse industries. Here are some of the industries that utilize this:

  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals and healthcare
  • Personal care and cosmetics
  • Household and cleaning products
  • Automotive and industrial
  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Logistics and shipping
  • Chemical and hazardous materials
  • Electronics and technology
  • Promotional and special events

Strata-Tac, Inc.: Your Partner for Custom Adhesive Solutions

Looking for high-quality, customized adhesive solutions? Strata-Tac, Inc. has got you covered! As a trusted leader in the industry for over 25 years, we offer a wide range of pressure sensitive self-adhesive products and top-coated films.

Whether you need a custom product or one of our stock items, our team will work closely with you to build the perfect solution for your needs. Our commitment to trust, quality, and integrity means you can trust us to deliver what you need!

Contact us or request a quote today to discover the Strata-Tac difference.