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  1. OLMVE026 – 1 mil Soft Touch OverLaminate

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    Use our OLMVE026 to add a soft, tactile feature to your prime and packaging labels.  This soft matte topcoat is ideal when you are looking to enhance the look and feel of your label. The 1 mil polyester (PET) facestock has excellent durability, and along with our chemical and water resistant #610 permanent adhesive, this product exhibits excellent wet-out properties.  Great for high-end label and packaging applications such as perfume and cannabis products. 


    • Specialty Labels
    • Perfume Labels & Packaging
    • Cannabis Labels & Packaging
    • Beverage Labels


    This post is part of “Strata-Tac Spotlight”, a series in which we highlight an individual product and its uses within the converting market. 

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